As a company committed to the future of the seed industry, we enter 2023 focused on innovation that continues to make a real difference in the seed industry. 2022 was a fantastic year for our team, with two of our most recent innovations recognised by two major industry players within six months of one another! GenWARE, our warehouse inventory management app, was named one of Germination’s Top 10 Most Innovative Products, and GenSCOUT, our field inspection app, was named one of Seed World’s Top 5 Most Innovative Products of the year.

For more than 30 years, our commitment to research and development has resulted in the expansion of our product offering. From our flagship Generation software, our product suite includes apps and solutions that provide transformative functionality to an industry responsible for feeding populations all over the world. We are extremely proud of our accomplishments and will continue to collaborate with seed companies around the world in 2023 to achieve our vision of providing configurable software that improves and simplifies seed business operations. Let’s take a look at our product suite as it stands in 2023!


Generation Seed Management Software

Generation, our flagship product, is a seed ERP system designed specifically for commercial seed production and processing businesses. Generation has been evolving in tandem with the industry’s ever-changing requirements since 1998. What we have now is an industry-leading solution that gives users more control over business processes and data than ever before. Generation is the toolkit that every successful seed company requires to improve seed quality, increase operational efficiency, and vastly improve customer service.

Industry leading seed provider West Gaines Seed stated: “Generation brings all the processes and data together and allows us to see everything in one place, which is a huge deal to us because now everyone has immediate access to the information they need”.


GenWARE Warehouse Inventory Management App

As the industry evolves so does its requirements and no one knows this better than us. That is why our team collaborates with clients and commits to ongoing research and innovation to meet their changing needs. As demand grows and seed companies are pressed for time, they must transform their processes to make the most of their time and increase productivity. GenWARE, our warehouse inventory management app, combines multiple communication channels to provide real-time shipping and inventory data to streamline stock transaction processing. It transforms how information is exchanged between back-office and warehouse personnel in seed distribution settings.

Following the app’s deployment and success, Germination, a leading seed industry publication, named it one of the industry’s most innovative products of 2022!


GenSCOUT Field Inspection App

When a customer comes to us with a specific problem, we solve it. Hours wasted on manual data capture and re-entry into different systems by our field inspectors and production managers resulted in the development of the GenSCOUT field inspection app. GenSCOUT, unlike any other field inspection app on the market, provides more than a simple check list. Offline functionality, crop-specific inspection tests, free form comment boxes, image capture, and field walk route capture provide unparalleled functionality all within a single app. This is why, only four months after the app’s release, Seed World named it one of the top five most innovative products of 2022!

Speaking about the app, Product Owner Dan Heesome said: “We set out with the goal of reducing the administration time spent writing up the inspections and bringing uniformity to the inspection data across the team of inspectors. Initial feedback has been great, and we look forward to seeing how the product will evolve over time.”


GenVIEW Customer Self Service Portal

When our business began developing software for the seed industry, customers and dealers were required to ring and enquire about order updates and communication was extremely inefficient as a result. As industry demand grew and the world became more acquainted with new technology, our client’s customers required immediate and secure access to the order information they required, whenever they needed it.

As a result, we created the GenVIEW customer self-service portal. As a web-based portal, GenVIEW made it easier than ever for our customers to provide an exceptional customer experience. It provides 24/7 data access and is fully integrated with our Generation seed management software, ensuring that the information provided is always up to date and accurate. Unlike other customer portals on the market, we designed GenVIEW to be fully customizable. While it primarily serves as a customer portal, we are proud to offer adaptable software solutions that meet the needs of our customers.


PETL & DocStore

Understanding your company’s position and performance is critical during these challenging times. Tracking your company’s performance and planning accordingly has never been easier thanks to our PETL business reporting and intelligence solution. The Extract, Transform, Load solution provides quick and easy access to critical operational data, the ability to combine data from multiple sources, built-in business logic to convert raw data into valuable business information, and much more. With visual dashboards, you can easily identify trends and identify areas or ways to increase profit by using operational data to see where processes are slow or inefficient.

North American cotton seed company Americot discussed implementing the PETL module and said “adding the PETL reporting module has saved us over 100-man hours a week, it is an absolute game changer. The way the data is used and exposed to us really helps us to make better business decisions”.

The way a company handles its internal documentation is also critical to its success. Seed businesses handle an inordinate amount of documents but handling these physically exposes critical business information to damage or loss. DocStore was created as a solution to this problem. It offers a secure digital method of storing documentation, allowing for instant retrieval, restricted access, and secure electronic storage across the organisation.

There we have it! We’re proud to offer an industry-leading suite of products designed specifically for seed companies after 30 years of innovation. As we enter 2023, we are excited to see what new solutions await us and what work we can continue to collaborate on with customers to effect meaningful change in the industry. If you have any questions about our current products, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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