Improving Business Performance with Generation Seed Management Software

by | Feb 28, 2022

Half of all agribusiness middle managers said that their companies ineffectively managed business performance, according to a poll from Purdue University’s Centre for Food and Agricultural Business. Effectively managing business performance is critical to the success of your seed business. It aligns employees, resources, and systems to accomplish the strategic objectives that you set. You risk putting your company in an unstable position if changes in technology or markets leave you vulnerable and your competitors open to progress.

With our seed industry expertise and a passion for collaboration, Primetics Seed Solutions work with your seed business to ensure the solutions we provide are aligned with your business and its main goals. Improved business performance is an integral part of our Generation seed management software and is implemented in numerous ways.


Centralised Data Storage

It is all too easy to fall into the trap of relying on disorganised, or worse, out-of-date spreadsheets or paperwork spread across your office or warehouse. When this happens, you run the risk of disrupting the connections between your business departments, which are essential for the smooth running of your operations. For your business to perform to the best of its ability, all departments must be united to a single and accurate version of the truth.

Generation stores all of your key data centrally to connect the moving parts of your seed business and provide all departments with a single, accurate, and up-to-date version of the truth. When multiple departments are better connected, they can work collaboratively to ensure productivity is maximised, accuracy is ensured, and overall business performance is optimised.


Trust in Technology

Modern technology has repeatedly proven that it is a necessity in our modern workplaces. It offers a multitude of solutions for streamlining daily processes and enhancing overall business performance, but many businesses have yet to realise its full potential. In failing to recognise the value of modern technology, your business will generate a series of inefficient processes that create redundancies, errors, bottlenecks, confusion, and frustration in your staff.

The automation provided by Generation ensures that your production, inventory, and sales data is accurately and automatically updated, freeing staff from the tedious work of updating information by hand. This eliminates the possibility of human error and the damage or loss of critical data. In addition to giving your employees more time to focus on key business tasks, our software ensures that your company meets, if not exceeds, its strategic business goals by providing considerably improved business performance.


Data Driven Decision Making

Many of us act on gut feelings at work, making decisions based on our intuition, especially if we have been in positions for a long time and believe we fully understand our industry. However, when we make important judgments based on intuition, we risk overlooking warning signs of trouble.

Generation provides all of the important data you need to develop, collect, and track key performance indicators (KPIs) and detect problems before they escalate. With our seed management software, your business places data at the heart of its operations. This fosters a data-driven workplace ethos, which, according to an MIT study, could result in 4% higher productivity and 6% higher profitability. With the data provided by our system, you can track business performance and set actionable benchmarks to ensure optimal business performance and continuous progress by discovering problems before they become uncontrollable.

Business performance cannot be an afterthought. It is essential to ensure an efficient and productive business that secures revenue and maximises profits. Contact us today to learn more about how our Generation Seed Management software can help.

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