Context Is Everything: Making the Most of Your Business Data with PETL

by | Mar 25, 2022

Data is not a revolutionary concept. We have been utilising it for years to better understand various elements of our businesses. We collect and generate a large amount of it to make key decisions regarding our strategies and day-to-day operations. However, when considered in isolation, the true value of this data goes unappreciated.

Modern business intelligence (BI) solutions provide a comprehensive view of your business’ data and allow you to leverage that data to drive change, eliminate inefficiencies, and quickly adjust to changes in the market. Despite the obvious benefits, the use of BI applications in the workplace is a mere 30%. Primetics Seed Solutions recognised the value of these solutions for seed businesses and created PETL (Primetics Extract, Transform, Load) to help them translate the data from their Generation Seed Management software into a powerful business tool.

Transforming Data to Actional Information

According to Forrester, while 74% of firms claim to want to be “data-driven,” only 29% are effective at connecting insights to action. Using data is meaningless unless we can acquire actual insight from it and take appropriate action. Insight is critical for seed businesses seeking to increase operational efficiency and uncover significant opportunities.

PETL provides real-time operational data that can be compared to key performance indicators. This allows you to make quick decisions to optimise company operations and fulfil your goals. You may also combine data from many sources, such as future market pricing or weather reports, with your own operational data to gain insight into your company’s performance. With all the information offered by PETL, you can see the big picture and gain business intelligence that will help your company grow by making the right decisions at the right time. With data at the heart of your decision-making process, your company can quickly develop a data-driven decision-making culture that ensures the data you hold leads to actionable insights.

Reducing Data Bias

Historically, many decision makers within businesses have relied on gut instincts when making important business decisions. However, taking our instincts at face value risks contaminating data with unsupported biases that overlook current market trends and could potentially expose the company to several risks.

Asking the right questions to receive meaningful answers is critical to successfully analysing your data. Today’s successful businesses must use data rather than guesswork to inform their decisions. For example, understanding how operational bottlenecks may affect revenue and altering processes to account for this. With PETL, operational data is automatically refreshed in the reporting database for up-to-date reporting. With the most up-to-date and correct data at your disposal, your entire team can examine a single version of the truth and use it within its business context to make the best decisions for growth. PETL allows you to make the best decisions for your business that are based on up to date and accurate data.

The Purpose of Visualization is Insight, Not Pictures

The reality for many businesses is that a lot of important decisions must be made within a short time frame and having confidence in the decisions made is vital. Understanding data sets and responding fast becomes considerably easier for decision makers when data is presented in an easily digestible visual format. However, the purpose of visualising data is not simply to make it prettier and easier to understand. It allows you to uncover insight that may have otherwise gone unnoticed and take the best suitable action to yield results.

PETL simplifies the creation and production of dashboards and reports with the ability to use any industry-standard reporting technology. This allows you to choose and execute the best end reporting package for your needs (e.g., PowerBI, Excel). You can make no mistakes when it comes to recognising trends in your organisation and leveraging this knowledge to your advantage to identify important opportunities or areas for improvement. Dashboard integration also provides a quick overview of essential business data such as booked units by price zone, salesperson, treatment, variety, and more. Connecting PETL with dashboard displays gives you the business-critical information you need when making decisions in a time constraint.


It’s as easy as this: PETL helps you make smarter business decisions by transforming data into insight. It is a must-have for every seed company trying to stay competitive and capitalise on opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed. Don’t believe us? Our customer West Gaines Seed, said that PETL saved them over 100-man hours a week and proved invaluable across their business.

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