How GenWARE Brings Accuracy, Timeliness, and Productivity to Your Seed Business: The Customer Journey

by | Jul 12, 2021

At Primetics Seed Solutions, our goal has always been to create solutions that keep your business ahead of the game. Our Warehouse Inventory Management App, GenWARE, functions to improve shipping accuracy, timeliness, productivity, and customer service by seamlessly connecting warehouse activity with the rest of your seed business’s processes.

“GenWARE has saved so much time and solved a lot of problems in the shipping process. It has removed all the emails, calls and staff walking back and forth with paperwork”

West Gaines Seed, Inc.

We work with our customers to understand how our solutions can best benefit their business. One of the main areas that GenWARE has offered our customers the most value is in the shipping process. The shipping process often involves transferring paperwork between the office and warehouse, leaving important documents open to human error or loss. GenWARE, eliminates the need for such paperwork as processes are automated, streamlined, and optimized to save you time and effort, all while boosting your operational efficiency.

The Shipping Process


Staging ensures that the rest of the shipping process runs smoothly in the GenWARE app. First, staff use our Generation software to produce a delivery ticket. These can be for single customer collection orders or carrier multidrop to different customers/delivery points. On Hand Inventory levels automatically reduce when the load ticket is produced, allowing staff to manage future decisions about what to supply to which client via visibility of an accurate product availability position. Once the delivery ticket is produced staff can immediately begin picking with the GenWARE app. Additionally push notifications can be sent to the GenWARE app to alert warehouse operatives that new delivery tickets are available for picking.


GenWARE transforms the picking process into a fast, simple, and accurate process that saves time, increases accuracy, and ensures customers receive the correct products.

The load delivery ticket is automatically available in GenWARE, allowing warehouse staff to begin the picking process. From the delivery ticket details shown in GenWARE, key information such as the product, lot number, location of the lot in the warehouse, and the product quantity required is clearly visible. All of this vital information is available in one app, making the selection process simple, quick, and free of human error.

GenWARE’s barcode scanning capability can be used with the camera or barcode scanner on the mobile device running the app. This feature allows staff to scan the barcode of a bag, box, or pallet in the warehouse to make sure they have selected the correct product and lot number. The app also alerts staff if they have chosen the incorrect product or lot number, enhancing accuracy and reducing errors.


To keep operations swift and effective, GenWARE is configured to notify the customer and/or carrier which loading bay to collect their order from. Once collected, the customer and/or carrier then confirm their delivery as loaded in GenWARE. The signatures of the person who loads the truck and the person who comes to collect it are both captured by the app. The ticket is automatically marked as delivered, and the inventory in Generation is immediately updated to reflect the correct physical levels. The updated ticket can trigger an email containing a delivery ticket with details of the products and lots delivered and the signatures of the loader and customer/carrier via the configuration of the notification center.

The picked lots are then placed in a warehouse loading area, scanned, and recognized as picked. Information such as the location of the staged delivery in the warehouse is automatically updated in Generation and via the configuration of the notification center, emails are sent to customers and/or carriers to confirm their order is ready for collection.


This final stage of the order process in Generation takes place in the office. All previous shipping tasks in the warehouse were all completed effectively within GenWARE, and automatically updated to Generation, removing the need to transfer paperwork between the office and the warehouse. Human errors such as incorrectly entering data, misreading data, smudging important information on written documents, or misplacing documents are also reduced in the process by using the GenWARE app.

“Our next step is to roll out the app across our other warehouse locations. It has made a huge improvement to our warehouse processes and how we effectively communicate and update the deliveries internally, to our carriers and our customers.”

West Gaines Seed, Inc.

Understanding the various stages of important processes like shipping allows us to continue to acknowledge the challenges that our customers encounter and develop solutions, such as GenWARE, to address them. Mistakes can be costly not only financially, but also in terms of customer satisfaction. A warehouse inventory management app, such as GenWARE, eliminates these concerns by ensuring simple, accurate, and time efficient processes.

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