5 Signs You Need Centralized Seed Specific Software

by | Aug 17, 2021

Businesses, regardless of size, unquestionably manage a large amount of data. Having a software solution in place can make it easier for these firms to handle the flow and organization of information, allowing them to focus on other vital business activities. However, each business, based on its industry, has its own set of unique requirements, and the best approach to ensure a successful implementation of software is to opt for an industry-specific option. Seed businesses are a prime example of this as they have specific requirements and must also demonstrate control and integrity of all their data due to the seed industry’s stringent regulations, and the best way to do so is to adopt centralized seed-specific software.

Here are 5 signs you need centralized seed specific software.

1. You Have Issues with Non-Seed-Specific Software

Software Issues

Software solutions are fantastic for automating and streamlining business processes. However, if the software packages provided are not specialized for your specific industry, you may notice gaps in their capabilities that are critical for your day-to-day operations and the overall function of your business. Ultimately, your return on investment will be poor!


Our team of seed industry experts at Primetics Seed Solutions collaborate with industry leaders to understand how our software can benefit seed businesses specifically. A seed management solution, such as Generation, is designed specifically for seed producers and processors. It is designed to cater for the unique challenges of the seed industry to ensure all the moving parts of your operation are connected. Backed up by an experienced team that ensures your current and future needs are catered for. With a seamlessly integrated seed specific software such as Generation, you can guarantee a great return on investment!

2. You’re Tired of Unnecessary Spreadsheet Admin Work

Administrating a businesses’ data in spreadsheets can take up most of a company’s time and requires a high level of accuracy and organization to run smoothly. Because of their customizability, simplicity, and data display capabilities, spreadsheets have served and continue to serve an important purpose for many businesses. However, they are prone to errors, inaccuracy, data loss, and security and usability issues.

Data from numerous departments is promptly provided to you and your senior staff with a single centralized system like Generation, saving time and effort wasted by many attempting to input data into multiple spreadsheets or combine data from multiple spreadsheets into one. With an automated and user-friendly system, data gathering, and storage become straightforward, streamlined, and efficient. The endless hours you’ve spent wrangling with spreadsheets could be better spent on other critical elements of your company.

3.  You Find It Difficult to Keep Track of Your Inventory

A thorough understanding of your inventory is required to respond to customer demands quickly and accurately. Full traceability across all seed lots is provided by effective seed-specific software, such as Generation, which allows you to see accurate inventory and availability, thus improving customer service and planning. Manually performing these inventory operations provides space for human error, but with the correct software, your entire inventory can be controlled, updated automatically, and, most importantly, trusted.

Our software ensures that you have access to the information you always need, allowing you to respond to customer demands quickly and accurately. Your seed company will be able to act quickly, have confidence in its data, and meet customer needs with this real-time access to accurate seed product availability data.

4.  You Need To Improve Decision Making Across Your Business

In an industry as strictly regulated as seed production, maintaining correct and up-to-date records is critical. More importantly, having access to this data whenever you need it is critical to making important decisions that can ultimately affect you bottom line.

Generation assists you in improving the integrity and quality of your seed business data, as well as providing full traceability and regulatory compliance. With seed-specific software, all your company’s core processes are managed by a single, centralized system.  This ensures that you have instant access to the information you need and that your operations are simplified and efficient.

5.  You Want To Avoid Wasting Time And Making Mistakes

Disconnects between the different departments of your seed business (e.g., sales, production, warehouse etc.) caused by multiple software platforms or disparate spreadsheets allow for increased errors and wasted employee time trying to fix problems or find the needed information.

A centralized seed management system such as Generation includes modules and functionality that covers all the operation to streamline processes and stop work redundancy. When all the moving parts of your business are connected on a common platform, practices and reporting flow throughout the organization, helping to increase employee productivity and generate higher revenues.

The answer is clear, seed management software could help your business reach its maximum potential. If you have any of these concerns or more that you think could be solved with a seed management software, get in touch with us today at primeticsseed@culturatech.com.