Seed Inventory & Processing

Generation seed management software facilitates you with all the features you need to operate successful and accurate inventory management, seed processing and conditioning and seed lot tracking.

Whether you operate multiple locations and seed plants or contract your processing and storage to seed processing partners, Generation ensures you always have accurate and up to date product availability, seed lot tracking and inventory cost information at your fingertips.

Seed Lot Traceability

Generation automatically and accurately tracks each and every transaction affecting individual seed lots. The software also chains together the full detailed history of the seed lots from the farm and field it was produced on through to the sale and delivery to the customer and all the steps in between. This ensures that you have access to all of the information you need.

Seed Processing and Conditioning

Generation ensures you accurately manage the manufacture of seed products and lots by defining the individual cleaning, sizing, blending, treating and packing operations and the consumption of inventory against the work orders. Facilitating efficient planning of seed processing/conditioning and updating on-hand and available inventory of seed products and lots.

Seed Mixtures

Generation facilitates efficient planning of seed mixing to help you determine which mixture products to manufacture and the constituent varieties required in the bill of materials. Whether you’re manufacturing for brochure products or custom mixing, Generation comprehensively ensures you accurately forecast the usage of constituent varieties and seed lots.

Seed Lot Quality Tracking

Generation ensures you have essential seed lot quality data, recording sample analysis for all key stages of production and processing. The data is easily configurable and captures all details you require including quality testing information from harvest check samples, receipt intake samples, cleaned seed samples and inventory check samples helping you to determine the overall quality and which lots are available for distribution.

Cost Tracking & Inventory Valuation

Generation enables the accurate tracking of inventory and easy reporting of inventory valuation. Material and carriage costs are automatically updated in the system along with costs for treatment and bags. Additionally costs for sampling, production and processing services can be configured to be included and accrued. Giving you full visibility of the gross cost of each seed lot and accurate margin reporting.

Multi Location & Transfers

Generation allows you to track where your seed inventory is located, whether stored at single or multiple processing plants and warehouses. You can configure any storage facilities and can include specific bins, bays, or racking shelves, to manage location of all seed inventory. This ensures you can identify exactly what product is available and where, as well as easing the transfer of product between locations.

Position Enquiry & Availability

Generation collates all the data from different operations to provide a powerful Position and Availability enquiry for any inventoried product. Generation includes details of when products and lots are staged or being consumed or manufactured giving you the true On Hand and Availability. Combined with sales, usage and forecasted demand and any purchases you can quickly see an accurate, real time picture of your overall position.

Inventory Counts & Adjustments

Generation provides an effective way to record and maintain inventory accurately and efficiently. Inventory can be easily adjusted when seed bags are damaged or disposed and effectively manages inventory counts with stock count sheets and reconciliation.