GenVIEW Customer Web Portal

With Primetics Seed Solutions’ GenVIEW portal, creating an excellent customer experience has never been easier. GenVIEW is a web-based customer self-service platform that gives your customers and dealers fast and safe access to all of the information they need, when they need it.

GenVIEW Customer Web Portal

Self-Service Portal

GenVIEW provides your customers and dealers with access to the order information they need including orders, booking and returns, planned & shipped deliveries and invoices. They can also create new orders.

24/7 Data Access

GenVIEW ensures the information your customers require is available whenever and wherever they require it. This reduces the time you spend responding to requests and improves customer experience.

Fully Integrated

GenVIEW is directly connected to our Generation and DocStore software meaning all of the data in your customer portal is up to date and accurate, facilitating an easy and seamless experience for your customers.

Customise Portal

The GenVIEW customer portal can be customised to meet your specific requirements. While GenVIEW primarily functions as a customer portal, we provide adaptable software solutions that work for you.

In GenVIEW’s configuration, we prioritised functionality, accessibility, and ease of use to save you time and effort while improving your clients’ experience. Primetics Seed Solutions understands that each seed business has unique customer relationships, and our GenVIEW customer portal may be customised to fit your exact and unique needs.

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