5 Reasons Your Seed Business Needs Seed Management Software

by | Jul 22, 2022

As the world’s population grows, so does the demand for food, and seed companies are finding themselves with increasingly higher demand. How is the industry responding to this increased demand? Innovation. Seed businesses can now take advantage of a variety of seed management software solutions designed to boost productivity, improve efficiency, and maximise profit. 

ERP solutions, in particular, provide some of the best opportunities for businesses to leverage data from across their organisations for critical insights that can maximise efficiencies, improve workflows, and streamline existing processes. Better yet, seed companies can choose ERP solutions designed specifically for their industry, such as Generation Seed Management software. These systems offer features specifically tailored to the complexities of seed production, storage, and sales.

It is critical for the success of your seed business to have a solution in place that can effectively manage your business from seed to sale. However, implementing such a system is a significant investment, and we recognise that some thought must go into this decision. So, to get you started, here are five reasons successful seed businesses need seed management software.

1. Save Time & Money

The first and most obvious benefit of implementing an ERP solution are the cost and time savings your business makes. Firstly, when all processes are available in a single system, you save time and money that would have otherwise been spent on training end-users on multiple different systems.

Once trained on the system, end-users save hours of time previously spent searching for data in spreadsheets stored around the office or across different computer systems. Our seed-specific ERP solution, Generation, offers a central data store that keeps all of your data in a single location for ease of access and is kept up to date, so you don’t have to waste time or money fixing errors caused by inaccurate or outdated information.


2. Increased Productivity

We’ve all felt stressed at work, overwhelmed by our workload, or frustrated by how long a task takes us due to inefficient processes. Stress and frustration often lead to a decrease in productivity, and when these feelings affect entire teams, your operations can suffer significantly.

At Primetics Seed Solutions, we develop our solutions with the end-user, as well as the business, in mind. We understand that successful operations start with the team behind them. Generation increases productivity by providing your team with a unified view of the business, accurate and real-time data, and improved workflows, allowing them to focus on the tasks at hand and not on fixing inefficiencies or searching for data in outdated and unorganized systems. Better yet, they can complete said tasks quicker and more efficiently than ever before ensuring maximized growth and profit are a reality for your business.


3. Improved Collaboration

Every ERP system is slightly different, but they all tend to provide some kind of benefit for improved collaboration. Generation provides a central data store, unifying systems and information that may currently be fragmented in your organisation. From seed production to inventory and sales, your team will have access to the same data set, stored centrally within a single system. This improves collaboration by ensuring that all end users share a common understanding of the business.  When everyone is working from the same page, they can all focus on the same outcome. Making important decisions for the business becomes much easier and quicker when teams can collaborate on the latest and most accurate data.

Primetics Seed Solutions also wants to expand the functionality of our products to make your and your customers’ lives easier. How can you better communicate with and update your customers from the time an order is created until it is delivered? Well, with GenVIEW! Our web-based customer self-service portal vastly improves communication between you and your customers by giving them easy, secure, 24/7 access to all of the information they require. Sales representatives can also use the portal to review information and place new orders for their clients. Available on mobile devices, the portal allows reps to check the status of orders whenever and wherever they need to, knowing that the data is up to date thanks to full integration with Generation. This also avoids draining resource by saving you time otherwise spent over emails and call with customers and reps!


4. Maintain Traceability & Regulation Compliance

A seed company can, of course, choose any ERP solution and reap numerous benefits. However, choosing an industry-specific solution, such as Generation, is the sure-fire way to get the best results. The system was designed by industry experts specifically for the seed industry and was built with industry specific regulations in mind to help users maintain compliance at every stage of the process.

Generation, for example, automatically and precisely tracks every transaction affecting individual seed lots. The software also connects the entire detailed history of the seed lots, from the farm and field where they were grown to the sale and delivery to the customer, and everything in between. This ensures you have access to all of the information you require to stay compliant. It is also extremely simple to create reports using information from our system, which you can then send to the appropriate governing body.


5. Improve Accuracy

As mentioned throughout this blog, a seed management software, such as Generation, allows you to keep data up to date and therefore accurate. The centralized database offered by Generation provides your teams with a single source of truth to work from. It is automatically updated ensuring that your end users work from the latest, most accurate data. This reduces any errors brought on by working with incorrect data which could ultimately impact operations and hinder customer relationships.

The current demand that the industry faces is only going to increase alongside the demand for food. Making your seed business as efficient and productive as possible is critical to its success. Failing to capitalize on opportunities to innovate your current processes risks rendering your company incapable of remaining competitive and meeting demand.

More information about the benefits of our Generation Seed Management software can be found here. If you have any unanswered questions, please contact us using the form below, and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your inquiry!

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