PETL Business Intelligence

PETL is an Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) solution developed by Primetics Seed Solutions. It provides reporting and business intelligence capabilities that transform the way you use your company’s data to make important business decisions. It provides a window to your current and historical data within the context of the business to help you see the big picture.

Key Features of PETL

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Our PETL solution allows you to centrally manage critical business data in an accurate, accessible and simplified way so that you can attain business intelligence that helps your business prosper and grow by making the right decisions at the right time.

Easy Data Access

PETL's quick and easy access to vital operational data eliminates the need for users to navigate a complex database structure.

Data Sources

Incorporate data from several sources, such as futures market pricing or weather feeds, with your operational data to provide insights into the performance of your seed business.

Up to Date Data

Operational data is automatically refreshed in the reporting database for up-to-date reporting. This saves time by eliminating the need to manually create data sets for reporting.

Built-in Business Logic

Built-in business logic converts raw data into valuable business information, such as converting weights to units and bags and calculating values, ensuring that information is provided in the most convenient way.

Visual Data

PETL makes it simple to create and produce dashboards and reports using any industry-standard reporting tool. This enables you to select and implement the best end reporting package for your requirements (e.g. PowerBI, Excel).

Quick Overview

Dashboard integration provides an easily digestible overview of critical business data such as booked units by price zone, salesperson, treatment, variety, and more.

Improve Customer Service

With access to the important business information that PETL provides, you have the ability to analyse customer behaviour and identify new opportunities.

Track Company Performance

PETL gives you up to date real time operational information to track against key performance indicators enabling you to make timely decisions to optimise company operations and meet targets.

Efficiency & Profit

Identify areas or ways to increase profit by using the operational data to see where processes are slow, or inefficient or avoidable costs are being incurred.

What Our Customers Say

"Our entire business structure is now completely different to how it used to be, from the way we exchange data between the companies to how we communicate and manage the business. PETL enables us to make huge business decisions based on accurate and up to date information."

Testimonial Item

West Gaines Seed, Inc.

"Adding the PETL reporting module has saved us over 100-man hours a week, it is an absolute game changer.

The way the data is used and exposed to us really helps us to make better business decision"

Testimonial Item

Americot, Inc.

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