Seed Sales & Logistics Management

Generation seed management software enables you to succeed in all aspects of customer service and sales by providing you with all the information you need in concise and easy to access and manage way.

Generation helps you ensure that all your customer and dealer sales are delivered and invoiced accurately and on time, helping to enhance cash flow, and ensuring that customer service is seamless.

Tracking Orders & Bookings

Generation provides your sales teams with the information they require in one centralised system. The software allows you to view and track all details for any order including dealer orders, block bookings, walk-in and prepayment and custom mixtures with any associated surcharges and discounts.

Pricing Orders Accurately

Generation facilitates accurate pricing of orders with configurable price list functionality that automatically applies the correct price including customer-specific and zonal pricing. Surcharges, discounts, and companion products can be easily added ensuring accurately priced orders.

Planning Shipments Efficiently

Generation ensures that the correct product is delivered on time and to the right customer shipping point. It makes it easy for orders to be organised into multi-drop shipments by clearly showing you which orders are going where and what products and seed lots are currently available.

Invoicing On Time

Generation enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the pricing and shipping process. The software ensures that your invoices can be generated on the same day as despatch and automatically priced.

Shipping Correct Product & Lots

Creation of delivery tickets is simple, so correct lots are picked for loading. Confirming the shipments automatically updates orders, inventory, and seed lots. Orders and inventory are processed efficiently and effectively in one central system, so customers receive highest level of service.