Generation Seed Management Software

Benefit from the most advanced and comprehensive seed business software tried and trusted by North American seed businesses for over 30 years

Generation Seed Management Software

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Primetics Seed Solutions provides configurable seed-specific solutions to fulfil the seed industry’s present and emerging demands. Stay ahead of your competition. Book a FREE demo today.

Generation has been specifically designed for seed businesses by seed experts and focuses on offering a robust and comprehensive application to help manage all keys operations of your business. With extensive functionality that will enhance all of your seed business processes, the seed-specific ERP system will enable you to have complete control to drive profit and growth. Our platform helps you increase the accuracy and quality of your business data as a whole ensuring full traceability and compliance.

Benefits of Generation Seed Management Software

Successfully enhance and enable all aspects of your seed business processes with our seed management software.

Orders & Bookings

Efficiently manage product demand, sales performance, planning and distribution by having all of your sales and purchase order, returns, block bookings, dealer and walk in order information in one centralised system. 

Accurate Pricing

Improve accuracy, save time and avoid making costly mistakes with configurable price lists, including customer pricing, zonal pricing, custom seed mixture pricing, discounts, surcharges and companion products. 

Efficient Deliveries

Increase overall efficiency and ensure customers get the right product on time by using accurate sales, inventory and available seed lot data to stage deliveries, automatically updating seed lot inventory, orders and invoicing. 

Seed Product Availability

Improve decisions and accurately manage product availability by having a single view of the products position bringing together current and on hand inventory, production estimates, work in progress and sales demand. 

Seed Processing & Conditioning

Control over available and on-hand seed, consumable inventory with multi-stage seed processing and conditioning instructions for cleaning, treating, and packing, including blending and grading. 

Lot Traceability & Quality

Complete visibility of seed quality with configurable samples and seed analysis at each stage of production, receipting, processing and inventory. Powerful traceability with robust provenance and transaction tracking. 

Inventory Cost & Valuation

Accurately record and maintain up to date inventory valuation by tracking inventory costs from raw seed purchase, consumable inventory in processing and conditioning and configurable additional service costs. 

Contract Seed Production

Enhance monitoring of expected and actual seed production yield with complete management of production contracts including stock seed, field history, field inspection, sub lot and bin tracking and seed quality. 

Receipting & Calculation

Efficiently plan and track seed receipts and automatically update actual yield and inventory. Accurately create producer grower vouchers with automated pricing including dockage and deductions using intake analysis.  

Generation Seed Management Software

Generation Seed Management Software provides a window into every aspect of your seed business enabling streamlined operations and greater productivity and efficiency.

Generation Seed Management Software

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