How GenVIEW Strengthens Customer Relationships While Strengthening Your Business

by | Aug 26, 2022

Primetics Seed Solutions understands that, just as your crops require sunlight, water, and nutrients, the people who grow them require accurate, reliable, and real-time information. Many seed companies have realised that traditional data management methods, such as spreadsheets, excel documents, or emails, are no longer the most efficient way to track operations or keep customers informed. As a result, leading seed producers in the United States and Canada have opted for Generation seed management software.

Generation brings all the processes and data together and allows us to see everything in one place, which is a huge deal to us because now everyone has immediate access to the information they need.

-West Gaines Seed

While Generation gives you instant access to all of the information you need to meet your strategic objectives, what about your customers? We want to grow and facilitate efficient relationships with our valued customers during this difficult time, and we know you do, too! How can you maintain solid working relationships with them while remaining focused on your own strategy?

88% of consumers now expect businesses to provide some form of customer web portal. Failure to implement such a solution jeopardises your customer relationships. Recognizing this risk, we created the GenVIEW customer web portal to give your suppliers and sales representatives access to the most accurate and up-to-date order information in your Generation system.

Through the web portal, your customers can place their own orders, view their existing orders and returns, check on the status of shipments and view a history of all of their invoices, saving time answering requests to re-send missing paperwork. Users can also upload content to the platform, such as product data sheets or price lists, to provide additional information to customers. Many customer portals are self-contained and operate independently of your primary database. Because GenVIEW is fully integrated with our Generation and DocStore solutions, all of the data users see is accurate, up-to-date, and dependable, allowing for a simple and seamless experience. You also save the money and time it would take to integrate the portal with another system. We optimised the portal for mobile devices to extend its functionality even further, so users can access the data they need whenever and wherever they need it!

The GenVIEW customer web portal immediately improves your customer relationships. You begin by meeting their demand for a portal product and giving them easy access to data that they might have otherwise spent hours waiting for. Their operations are no longer hampered, and neither are yours as your team are freed to focus on operations and strategy. As seed producers, you face seed demand and supply, as well as a tight production and order fulfilment turnaround time, leaving little time for your team to fully service customer inquiries. By giving your customers access to all this data, you save time and money that would otherwise be spent communicating manually, which causes delays in your and your customers’ operations. As a result, your customers are happier, and your team are less stressed.

The time and money savings, as well as reduced pressures on your own team and increased customer satisfaction, undoubtedly make the GenVIEW customer web portal a worthwhile investment. Primetics Seed Solutions recognises that each business and its customers have unique requirements, so we create adaptable software solutions that work for you. While GenVIEW was designed primarily as a customer portal, it can be customised to meet your specific needs. Contact us using the form below to learn more about GenVIEW or to speak with our team about how it can be best tailored to your needs.

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