Seed Production Management

Generation seed management software quickly and easily provides you with all of the information you require to effectively manage your seed production contracts.

Whether you contract with growers directly or via seed production partners, Generation helps you be in total control. Generation makes it easy for you to efficiently collate the data you need to determine the true availability across a range of varieties or hybrids, eliminating the need for time-consuming and onerous disparate systems or spreadsheets.

Tracking Production Yield

Generation ensures you can efficiently track the expected and actual yield and cleaned outturn yield of each production contract, enabling you to make sure there is sufficient production in place to meet projected demand.

Production Contract Pricing

Generation enables you to price and cost each seed production contract ensuring your inventory costs and grower payments are automatically and accurately updated. Generation caters for a comprehensive range of pricing terms, making pricing and payments accurate, consistent, and free of errors.

Farm/Field & Farm History

Generation ensures you have a single repository for all the key mandatory data you need for seed production contracts, including the farm/field(s) where seed is being produced and the cropping history of each field. This helps ensure that you have accurate and up to date records and adhere to regulatory demands for seed production.

Recording Stock Seed

Generation ensures you have complete traceability by allowing you to accurately record the stock/parent seed lines distributed for planting to each production contract and the seed lot numbers planted in each field.

Field Reports

Generation ensures you can accurately track the progress, update estimated yield and check quality of seed production, including recording and providing documented advice for any actions and recommendations for the grower. This provides the production managers with a single place to gain insight across all seed production

Tracking Sub Lots & Quality

Generation provides harvested seed quality information by centrally recording all check samples against each sub lot. Generation, allows you to define each bin/barn sub lot and record the check sample analysis so that you can easily ensure that the seed will meet the standards and specifications required.

Tracking Receipt & Inventory

Generation facilitates the staging of load tickets for each load of raw seed to be received and track scale tickets, intake analysis results, receiving bins and splits from each production contract. The receipting process updates the actual yields and raw seed inventory in a single easy step so that information is accurate, up to date, and accessible.

Dockage & Deductions

Generation uses the receipt data and intake analysis results configured to automatically calculate dockage and deductions for the grower payment vouchers. This removes the onerous and time-consuming task of manually calculating the settlements and pricing each receipt individually.

Grower Payment Vouchers

Generation creates payment vouchers based on the payment method of the grower contract. Whether generating payments against receipts with splits, dockage, deductions, market prices or advance and final payments for cleaned quantities, Generation ensures payment vouchers are created efficiently, reducing time manually calculating the payments for growers.