Developing True Customer Partnerships

by | Jan 30, 2018

“I highly rate the support we have received, the Cultura team have been with us every step of the way, and if we do need help they are fantastic. They are quick off the mark and totally on the ball. We’ve developed a good relationship, the team understand our business and our requirements, and they really work in partnership with us.”

Bethany Friesen, Operations Manager at Americot, Inc.

“Cultura is not the kind of business that sells you a product and then leaves you to it.”

Traci Stokes, Director of Internal Operations at West Gaines Seed, Inc.

Nurturing customer relationships:

Here at Cultura Seed Solutions, we pride ourselves on building and nurturing long term partnerships with each and every one of our customers. I am delighted to share the above comments from two of our customers who are happy to share their experience of our seed management software, and the great service they feel they receive from us.

In fairness, we don’t differ too much from the customer service that our customers aim to provide their clients with, in that we are agile, proactive, and fast. It is a huge part of our business strategy and indeed our customer experience program, to ensure that all of our team are knowledgeable of the industry, our solutions, and individual customer requirements.

“I can’t praise the support team highly enough, they’re available, on the ball, and they’re quick!”

Traci Stokes, Director of Internal Operations at West Gaines Seed, Inc.

Vital aftersales care:

Aftersales care is vital, after-all let’s be honest, purchasing software is a big decision that comes with change. Once you’ve identified that you want to make that change, and selected the software you want to go with, you need to know that the provider is going to be by your side throughout the implementation and beyond. That’s why at Cultura Seed Solutions, we take the time to understand each of our customers’ businesses, their short and long term goals as well as their aspirations, their operations, their teams, and much more. With our specialist seed industry knowledge and deep understanding of the market, we are able to hit the ground running and really get into the detail as to what the customer is looking for the software to support them with, now and in the future.

Great customer advocacy:

To receive such great compliments about our support is fantastic and helps us to know that we’re moving in the right direction, especially in terms of customer satisfaction. The relationships we build with our customers ensure they think we’re approachable and we’re always asking them for suggestions on improvements, which will ensure our customer service and support standards remain high.

Case Studies:

You can read more customer comments within our case studies, please click here to view more from Americot, Inc. and here to view more from West Gaines Seed, Inc.


If you’re thinking about alternative seed management software solutions, or just want to have a chat about how we work with our customers and the support we could potentially offer you, please contact us today.