Case Study: West Gaines Seed Chooses Generation Seed Management Software

by | Jan 30, 2018

West Gaines Seed utilise Generation Seed Management Software

High-quality Texas seed supplier discusses why they chose Cultura Seed Solutions software

About West Gaines Seed:

West Gaines Seed, Inc. are a locally owned business based in Texas, which have been supplying high-quality seed throughout the United States and for export, for over 23 years. The business prides itself on its industry expertise and knowledge as well as its superior service. They are the regional leader for small grains and sorghum-sudangrass planting seeds, and a major cotton seed producer in the US.

With the business going from strength to strength, the leadership team are continually reviewing growth strategies and evolving requirements. In 2016, the West Gaines Seed team along with the team from their sister company Americot recognized that they were compiling more and more detailed data. They decided that it was time to review software systems that could enable them to better utilize this data, to the benefit of their business decisions, as well as to further improve service to their customers.


Selecting Generation:

Traci Stokes, Director of Internal Operations was heavily involved in the project and described:

“Both businesses were utilizing a software solution that was not specifically designed for seed and we spoke to the Cultura team about the potential of customizing it to meet with our changing needs. The Cultura team helped us to consider the options and were able to recommend Generation. They came to see us several times and carried out various demonstrations, helping to illustrate how a move to Generation would not only support our current requirements but also some of the needs we had already foreseen for the future.”

Traci went onto say that:

Generation is a highly configurable seed ERP solution that offers total traceability compliance. The team and I could see the advanced functionality, and how it could help us to improve the data quality, integrity, and accessibility. This accessibility was paramount, and provides the ability to drill down and process data more effectively, as well as enabling vital cross-checking across various processes.”

Designed specifically for seed producers and processors, Generation enables seed businesses like West Gaines, to achieve greater control of their business processes, quality, and traceability compliance. It ensures that vital data is in the hands of those who need it. Traci continued by stating:

“As the business grows, we are acquiring more and more staff who will all need access to the same data, and it needs to be accurate and relevant. Generation provides this by generating the correct product, quantity, availability, and pricing information, that we all need for processing orders and shipments.”


Implementing Generation and ongoing Support:

Implementing Generation is an all-encompassing process for the Cultura team in partnership with customers. This is true for all customers including West Gaines Seed, and as Traci described:

Cultura is not the kind of business that sells you a product and then leaves you to it. I’m not going to lie, implementation was more complex than we had foreseen especially with the four-season cycles to run through. However, the Cultura support team have worked closely in partnership with us throughout the last year and helped us to configure and customize the solution to meet the varying requirements that we have had.

I can’t praise the support team highly enough, they’re available, on the ball, and they’re quick! If we’ve had an issue, the guys are straight on it and it’s usually resolved in a couple of days. Generation is user-friendly but we have taken advantage of the training available, and I have since been able to train other staff.

Having now completed a full annual cycle with the Generation solution in place, I feel we are in a good place with the system. I can see how it will support us in future, including our potential plans to start utilizing warehouse management which is functionality we were confident that the Generation solution would deliver before we purchased it.”


Generation Seed Management is a comprehensive, user-friendly software solution that supports seed producers and processors, to meet their growing challenges and requirements. The advanced functionality drives value for customers throughout their business processes, as well as directly to their own customer base.

To find out more about how Generation works for West Gaines Seed and others, contact the team today.