PETL Reporting Module for Generation: Driving Success For Your Seed Business

by | Sep 13, 2019

Running a seed business is a bit like driving somewhere in a car. You want to get from A to B in the easiest, quickest way, avoiding hazards and complying with the law. You gather and use a huge amount of information before you set off and during your journey. That data comes to you in many different forms, planning your journey based on the most direct route, how much fuel you will need and when to set off.

Then there is the driving itself. When to turn to follow the correct route, dealing with traffic, avoiding obstacles, stop signs, when to stop for fuel or rest and tracking how far you have gone and how fast to go. You make lots of important decisions based on the constant stream of information you receive along the way.

Running a seed business is much the same in that lots of information is used and generated by all the business operations and from outside the operation, such as seed production quality, weather and market conditions, that means you are making decisions about your strategy, direction and daily operations all the time. You are using this to adjust to different scenarios as they happen along the way.

If this important operational data is not centralised and managed correctly then it becomes ineffective at providing you with what you need to know, when you need to know it. This can lead to making the wrong decision and strategy or even being too late to make a decision and missing opportunities.

This is where Primetics Seed Solutions can help. We can provide the insight you need to be able to drive the success and growth of your seed business by making the right decisions at the right time because our software helps you centrally manage your data and gives you ‘business intelligence’.

Business intelligence is an umbrella term that covers the processes and methods of collecting, storing, and analyzing data from business operations or activities to optimize performance. All of these things come together to create a comprehensive view of a business to help you make better, actionable decisions.

This is why we are launching our new PETL reporting module for Generation. Putting you in the driving seat of your seed business by providing a simplified, consolidated view of all the important data from across the business operations.

PETL (Primetics Extract Transform Load) provides:

  • Quick and easy access to key operational data so that the users do not need to navigate a complex database structure.
  • Incorporate data from multiple sources not just Generation (e.g. futures market prices or weather feeds) that when used in conjunction with the operational data gives you real insights into the performance of your seed business.
  • Operational data is automatically refreshed in the reporting database for up to date reporting, saving time by eliminating the need for users to manually create data sets for reporting.
  • Built-in business logic for translating raw data into meaningful business information, for example, converting weights to units and bags and calculating values so that the appropriate information is automatically available in the form that makes the most sense.
  • The use of any industry-standard reporting tool to design and render dashboards and reports. This flexibility allows you to select and use an end reporting application that best suits your needs (e.g. PowerBI, Excel).

What this means for your seed business:

  • Increase profit by identifying where processes are slow or inefficient.
  • Improve customer service and increase new opportunities by analyzing customer behaviour.
  • Optimise company performance and support decision making by tracking key operational indicators.
  • Drive strategy and growth opportunities by highlighting market trends.
  • Streamline services and operations and avoid disruption by early recognition of any business issues.

Simply put, PETL will enable you to make better business decisions by showing present and historical data within its business context. It offers performance benchmarks to make the business run smoother and more efficiently. It helps you spot market trends to increase sales or revenue. Used effectively, it can even help with compliance and hiring efforts, and almost every aspect of business can be improved through the business intelligence that PETL provides.

Want to drive your seed business further? Talk to us today about how Generation and PETL can support your seed business journey, email