New look for Cultura Seed

by | Aug 9, 2018

Cultura has created Primetics Seed Solutions to provide greater responsiveness to their global user base of Generation, the most advanced and comprehensive seed management software on the market today.

Primetics Seed Solutions will focus solely on Generation seed management software customers and will still be part of the Cultura family of agribusiness software companies.

This new look and new focus will ensure an even better service to customers, enable them with access to a wider team of experts, and will make sure that the seed management software continues to be enhanced to further support seed businesses.

The Generation solution will continue to ensure:

  • Accurate seed inventory management
  • Centralised seed data management
  • Effective seed logistics management
  • Total seed traceability compliance
  • Comprehensive laboratory seed testing management
  • Complete seed audit management
  • Precise seed invoice management
  • Essential seed document management
  • Vital seed business systems integration
  • Efficient seed customer portal

The change comes as part of Cultura Technologies long term strategy to strengthen our approach to customers whilst positioning our existing teams for greater success.

Establishing Brands

Over the last year Cultura Technologies have seen many of our business units establish their own brands across the globe including; Primetics, Solentra, Greenstone, Proceres.

Each business unit operates autonomously to organise themselves around their customers, but all continue to collaborate where appropriate, and all firmly remain Cultura companies continuing to have this stable and successful backing, as well as that of the Volaris Group within which Cultura sits. In addition, the Cultura Technologies brand has been repositioned as the vehicle for our mergers and acquisitions.

Primetics Seed

Primetics Seed Solutions will sit as part of the Primetics business unit which is headed up by Leigh Roberts and will focus on providing a tailored approach for all customers seed production and processing needs.

The seed specialist team to which customers all know and love is very much still in place with individuals such as Vince, Paul and Ryan, and they will continue to build relationships with the valued Generation customer base.

In addition, the wider Primetics team ensures customers can now access further resources and knowledge, including seed and agribusiness experts within support, development, marketing, and product management.

Cultura Support

As with all business units within Cultura, everyone continues to have their email address, and phone numbers have not changed, nor has the way customers contact support.

However, customers will now have access to the dedicated customer portal which now includes a specific Generation area to enhance our online support offering.

To find out more about the changes Cultura have made, or to discuss how Generation seed management software can enable your business with greater control over business processes and data, contact Primetics Seed Solutions today. Email or visit