Primetics Seed Solutions Launch New Warehouse Inventory Management App

by | Dec 8, 2020

The Benefits of a Warehouse Inventory Management App

GENware inventory management

When you have accurate, real-time information from all areas of your company and from throughout all connections in your operation, you have the information you need to make smart decisions.

That is why our goal at Primetics Seed Solutions is to create software solutions that connect all the moving parts of your seed business because we believe this to be key to running a successful and competitive business.

Our most recent innovation is designed to do just that and keep you ahead of the game.

GenWARE inventory management app directly connects warehouse activity with the rest of the operations in your seed business so that you can improve shipping accuracy, timeliness, productivity and customer service.

5 Key things that GenWARE helps you with:


Improving efficiency and productivity

A smooth-running warehouse operation is key for a seed business. The high turnover of seed products and lots through the warehouse, particularly in the busy planting season, means that if you are not on top of what you have and where it is at any one time then sales, shipping times and accuracy can be affected which results in poor customer service.

By using barcoding technology with GenWARE you can optimise the whole operation so that finding and picking products and seed lots for shipping is quicker and more accurate. GenWARE app allows you to identify which seed lots to pick and where they are in the warehouse. This new technology makes the process more efficient when finding the correct product and lot number.

GenWARE immediately and accurately updates the data in Generation, meaning no delays in updating shipping and order details and invoices are produced and updated quickly. With the process improving, it provides more time to better manage inventory, improve shipping times and accuracy and noticeably improve customer service.


Reducing Paperwork & Administration

Various paperwork travels between the warehouse and the office to instruct and update warehouse and inventory activity. Where paperwork is involved, misplaced sheets or illegible notes do unfortunately happen. When there are issues like this, it can cause issues with records being updated incorrectly, resulting in inventory being misaligned.

With GenWARE, the need for paperwork is removed because all information required is available within the app and is updated in real-time on our Generation system.

With GenWARE, the entire process for shipping, receiving and counting is completed without a single document being printed and moved around. Alongside this, inventory and orders, transfers and counts in Generation are automatically updated.

The accuracy of your records improves, and the time needed for manual administration is removed.


Up to Date Inventory and Availability

Discrepancies between what inventory is physically available in the warehouse and what your inventory management system tells you can mean that important business decisions and customer interactions are based on inaccurate data and lead to poor customer service, lost sales and increased costs.

GenWARE is fully integrated with Generation so that your centrally managed inventory data is updated in real-time, ensuring everyone who depends on that data will have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information. This means that customer enquiries can be answered quickly, and decisions are made on the most up to date data. Improving customer service and reducing the risk of incurring unplanned costs.


Increasing Accuracy and Eliminate Mistakes

Shipping incorrect products and seed lots are both costly and time-consuming and can lead to poor customer service. This can result in replacements being required, incurring costs in carriage and customer satisfaction.

If your inventory management system is updated with the incorrect seed lot data that is being shipped, then your seed lot tracking will be incorrect too and the data cannot be relied on.

Using barcoding technology, GenWARE validates that the product and seed lot that was picked and loaded is the correct one, and stops the user from updating tickets when an incorrect barcode is scanned. This ensures that the warehouse has accurate information for picking which reduces mistakes, saves time and costs and ultimately improves customer service.

Enhancing Customer Service

Keeping your customers informed and delivering their orders on time, every time is the key to happy and loyal customers. If your operation is slow and prone to mistakes and your customers are kept waiting, it is highly likely they will start to look elsewhere for their seed.

The integration between GenWARE and Generation includes the ability to automatically email notifications and documents to the customers, carriers and internal staff when key actions are completed. For example, when an order is packed and ready to be collected an email can automatically be sent to the carrier and/or the customer to inform them to collect or their product is on its way.

The signed delivery documents can also be automatically emailed when the order is loaded and despatched, making sure the customer receives the paperwork ahead of the delivery.

This automated communication between the warehouse activities, the customer, carrier and internal staff ensures a smooth operation for the whole shipping process. Meaning you can deliver the orders on time, avoid mistakes and keep your loyal customers.

The ability to manage and control inventory and also have happy customers is imperative for a seed business to be profitable and successful. Managing inventory and having efficient and effective processes and data is the result of connecting all the moving parts of your seed business.

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