The New GenSCOUT Field Inspection App: Digitize and Accelerate Your Field Inspections 

by | Jun 6, 2022

Primetics Seed Solutions launches new GenSCOUT Field Inspection app. 

As a field inspector, you’re responsible for surveying the condition of a field and the crop at regular intervals throughout the growing season. You may be used to recording test results on pre-printed sheets and recording any notes or recommendations by hand. Perhaps, you have to transfer data captured in the likes of Excel spreadsheets over to another system when you return to the office after a day of inspecting. If you took any pictures with your device, you have to then transfer these to your computer and save them to the shared network.  

What if we told you that you didn’t have to do that anymore? 

GenSCOUT is Primetics Seed Solutions’ latest Android app that transforms how production managers and field inspectors access their assigned work information from the field. Unlike other inspection apps that provide a simple checklist, GenSCOUT offers many features that digitise and accelerate the entire field inspection process. 

Offline Mode 

The majority of field inspections are performed in locations without an active internet connection. The ‘Offline Mode’ of GenSCOUT allows users to continue collecting data without an internet connection by saving all collected information to the device’s local storage. When you reconnect your device to the internet, the app automatically syncs all of your data back to the Generation Seed Management software. This reduces the inherent risk of loss so common in the handling of hard copy documents. It also saves time and improves the overall efficiency of the process. 

Crop Specific Inspection Tests 

Users can view a list of inspection tests, specific to the crop being inspected, within the app. As a result, each crop type inspected can have its own set of inspections assigned to it. GenSCOUT eliminates the need for the viewer to carry around multiple hard copy documents, allowing them to review previous inspection results, information about the grower contract, and previous cropping of the field all within the same app. 

crop specific inspection

Free Form Comments

Large comment boxes are available for users to enter any notes and recommendations about the specific test result or the field’s overall condition. Data collected from multiple inspectors becomes uniformed and reportable as a result of data being stored centrally via Generation.

free form comment boxes

Field Walk Capture Route

Field inspectors can use the app to record the route taken around the field during the inspection. These routes can then be referred back to easily and quickly.

field walk capture route

Image Capture

Capture and upload images for the inspection directly into the GenSCOUT application. Images are synchronised back to the Generation and/or DocStore database and are automatically tagged with the farm, grower, and contract details.

image capture

Primetics Seed Solutions has partnered and collaborated with seed businesses across North America for over 30 years to understand their pain points and develop seed-specific software solutions to address them. GenSCOUT was created in response to our customers’ need to improve the efficiency and productivity of field inspections.

“The GenSCOUT Field Inspection app has been developed with the help of field inspection managers across our customer base. We set out with the goal of reducing the administration time spent writing up the inspections and bringing uniformity to the inspection data across the team of inspectors. Initial feedback has been great and we look forward to seeing how the product will evolve over time. “

Dan Heesome

Product Owner

Primetics Seed Solutions

Ensure your business optimizes its processes and ensures success by trusting in the right partner and investing in the most innovative and reliable solutions. To learn more about how GenSCOUT can benefit your field inspection processes, or to hear how we can address your specific business needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

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