GenSCOUT: Winner in Seed World’s Top 5 Most Innovative Products of 2022

by | Dec 14, 2022

Seed World recognised innovative products that have had an impact on the seed industry this year. The winners were determined by the products’ overall impact on the industry as well as their potential role in the industry’s future. Primetics Seed Solutions is pleased to announce that GenSCOUT, our field inspection app, has been named as one of their Top 5 Most Innovative Products of 2022.

We have worked with seed companies in the UK and North America for over 30 years to develop industry-leading solutions that address current and evolving industry challenges. With a growing population and increased food demand, it is more important than ever to develop solutions to improve, streamline, and maximise operational productivity. We are honoured to be considered pioneers in this era of innovation.

GenSCOUT Transforms Field Inspection As You Know It

GenSCOUT was created to revolutionize how production managers and field inspectors access work information from the field. Unlike other inspection apps that simply provide a checklist, GenSCOUT includes a plethora of features that digitize and accelerate the entire field inspection process. The GenSCOUT Field Inspection app was created with the assistance of field inspection managers from across our customer base. We set out with the goal of reducing administration time spent writing up inspections and improving inspection data consistency across the team of inspectors. The initial response has been extremely positive, and we are excited to see how the product evolves over time.

The GenSCOUT app was designed specifically for seed companies, resulting in a set of unique and powerful seed-specific features that other generic apps cannot provide. GenSCOUT is distinct in the seed industry because it was created for and, more importantly, by the industry. By utilising innovative technology, the app saves hours of administrative work, allowing users to say goodbye to unreliable manual data entry and hello to consistent and reportable data stored in a single location. They can compare current results to previous ones and even view information about grower contracts and previous cropping of the field while traveling.

We know that this revolutionary app will not only change the seed industry in the future but will also change with it. We are always thinking about the future and continue to collaborate with our industry customers to ensure that our products always provide the best value.

If you have any questions about GenSCOUT or our other innovative warehouse inventory management app GenWARE, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to assist you!

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